Saturday, October 7, 2017

Antiviral software false positively detects SimShaker executable files. What to do?

Hi guys,
I've got a lot of complaints caused by Windows Defender and some other antiviral software false positively detecting SimShaker executable files as containing a trojan.

First of all, there is no viruses in my software. Some of my files a protected from hacking and that causes some aggressive antiviral software to false positively detect them as a malware. You can extra check my files with service (or any other similar service) if you are in a doubt. You can also read more about this problem in this article.

What to do if  antiviral software blocks SimShaker installation?

Try to temporarily disable antiviral software and install SimShaker. After installation enable antiviral software back again.

What to do if SimShaker crashes when a game starts or shows a helper message that a file is not found by Launcher?

Please go to antiviral software scan history and look for quarantined simshaker exe file(s). If the file is found, select it and restore to its original location. In general, antiviral software remembers the restored file as safe and does not remove the file again. But it can try to do that again after SimShaker update. Be aware.
I add those helper messages into the latest versions of SimShaker, but some versions still may just crash if the file was "stolen" or blocked by antiviral software.

Windows Defender case. Step 1

Windows Defender case. Step 2

Friday, October 6, 2017

SimShaker - Wheels version 2.25 released

Hi guys,
new this time:
  • launcher doesn't crash if SimShaker - Wheels.exe file was quarantined by antiviral software, but shows a helper message;
  • Assetto Corsa: Bumps&Buffets FX doesn't react on wheel steering if speed is less than 0.5 m/s.
Happy racing!

Friday, September 22, 2017

SimShaker - Wheels version 2.24 released

Hi guys,
new this time:
  • new GUI (graphic user interface);
  • new controls — checkboxes to enable/disable every single FX, test buttons for JetSeat and bass-shakers;
  • new option —  Advanced Options - VR Helpers  - Highlight Controls;
  • new SimShaker - Wheels Facebook page;
  • re-factored Bumps&Buffets FX for Assetto Corsa;
  • support for release version of Project CARS2.

Happy driving!

SimShaker - Wheels version 2.24 GUI